Making Lapland My Home – French Living By The Rhythm Of Nature

Making Lapland My Home

I never experienced less than -5°C before my stay in Lapland. Going outside by -30°C was crazy to me! The weather was so exotic compared to my hometown in the north of France. I was starving a good adventure, the arctic circle was appropriate for that !

My name is Marion, I am a French photographer living in Rovaniemi. I discovered Finnish Lapland during a year studying at the University of Lapland. I decided to study in a foreign country to discover a new culture and improve my English skills. 
The truth is, I never get bored, every day and season is unique in Lapland!
The first impression I got from Rovaniemi was from the sky. I was flying over millions of trees and thousands of lakes before to land in Rovaniemi airport. The landscapes were paced of greens and blues, it was looking so beautiful. This city is build in the middle of wild spaces. Nature is everywhere in Rovaniemi. The city and the habitants are living by the rhythm of nature.
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My winter days in Lapland 

Winter in Lapland is made of cozy fire place, wool socks, small lights by the windows and a warm cups of coffee. All those small things makes you feel cozy, comfortable and at home. Lapland is all about extremes, from the warm of the sauna to the icy water. From -30°C to +30°C and from the longest nights in winter to the longest days in summer. I experience a weird satisfaction in living those extremes. One of the reason Finns dive into icy water after a 90°C sauna is to release Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins. These hormones cause euphoria and a sense of calm. This is exactly what winter in Lapland does, my body is adapting to the living conditions, and it gives me great happiness and peacefulness.Marion French photographer in Rovaniemi- Visit Lapland Blog

Darkness and polar night 

The nights in Lapland are very extra ordinary during winter time. As the snowy landscape takes place in every corner, the mighty sun takes break for a while. In our Lapland the period is about two months or 52 days of polar nights when you can experience the magical moments. Before my first winter in Lapland, I was a bit apprehensive of the darkness. The 21 of December have the shortest daylight of the year. On this day you can catch a glimpse of light for few minutes before the city goes back into darkness. But for me the darkness of the winter is a time to slow down and relax. I enjoy the snow and go iceskating during the few hours of sunlight.

Visit Lapland in Summer- picture by Marion Lefevrre

Summer and nightless night in Lapland

Lapland is known for Santa, northern lights and winter wonderland. But amazing things happens in summer too ! At the opposite of winter, summer is very bright and busy. On the 21 of June, the sun doesn’t set. During summer, I practice a lot of outdoor activities. After a long winter, I am ready to enjoy every bit of sunlight and warmth. A part of the finnish culture is to have weekends with family and friends in remote cottages. One of the greatest thing Lapland have to offer is silence and peace. It is amazing to experience endless days in nature. Watching the sun touch the horizon before to rise again is incredible. I usually enjoy days by the river, the lakes or the forest. Standup paddle, berry picking and fishing are the main summer activities. My favorite is hiking, I love to discover new places and spend time photographing the beauty of nature.blueberry Lapland- Finland Picture by Marion Lefevre - Rovaniemi
The truth is, I never get bored, every day and season is unique in Lapland !

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